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Core Drilling in India

Core Drilling in India

Drilling, Geological, Geophysical & Mining Engineers

Mining Associates Pvt Ltd Since 1975

MAPL with its Head Office at Asansol, West Bengal started its operations in 1975 only with 2 Diamond core drilling rigs. With an experience of over 40 years, it has developed as a conglomerate of largest drilling, mineral exploration & Geo-engineering operations in the country within the private sector of the resource industry. It has diversified into complete Geological consulting, Geophysical logging and CBM field during the last decade. [No. of drill rigs in the fleet] Recently MAPL has acquired the full arm of Indian entity, Mitchell Drilling International Pvt. Ltd. which was the leader in the Coal Bed Methane industry, having drilled over 70 % of CBM wells in India. MAPL can now deliver complete CBM services under one roof. Our people are committed to deliver their expertise and knowledge to each and every project we undertake. We have a strong track record of working together as a team to provide value added solutions for our clients. We strive to take up challenging tasks and succeed in meeting the expectations of our clients. We have recently started operations in Bangladesh as well.

Mining Associates Pvt Ltd Since 1975
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Cased Well Logging (Cement Bond Logging)

Cement bond logs (CBL) and variable density log (VDL) are one of the vital logging techniques used to evaluate cement-casing-formation bonds before the well testing or execution of the production operation in the well. These logs are also crucial during the workover operation to maintain the integrity of the well. The logging techniques provide a clear view of the quality of cement bonds with casing and formation.

CBM Production and Exploration Drilling

Coalbed methane (CBM) or coal-mine methane (CMM) is a form of natural greenhouse gas, which remains trapped in underground coal seams and is extracted, not only as a safety measure prior to mining the coal, but also for various domestic, commercial and industrial purposes. CBM is considered to be the most potential source of clean energy and hence is used as a fuel for power generation through gas fired generators.

Diamond Core Drilling

Diamond drilling has revolutionized the mining industry and directly resulted in the discovery of many minable orebodies that would otherwise have gone untapped. Before the introduction of mainstream diamond drilling, mining was still primarily dependent on finding outcrops of rock, with little information available about ore concentrations below the surface. Diamond drilling allows for the removal of solid cylinders of rock (core) from deep within the earth.

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